Friday, November 19, 2010

My big boy!

 We are due for another Ryan update... At 9.5 months, tt seems that everyday he is growing with leaps and bounds. It's so crazy how different the second 6 months of his life have been compared to his first six months, and it blows my mind that he is close to 1 year...need to start planning his part-ay! :) He is just booming with personality now and doing new things everyday. I feel like he has just become a new little guy this past week.

First of all...he started crawling (there's a video on my facebook if you're interested)!! That is just crazy to me. There was a point where I thought that he just wouldn't crawl, and he might go straight to walking, but he is on the move. And he mostly gets going for the computer, Jason's phone, and Layla's food dish-trying to figure out a new place for that one. :)

Also, he cut one of his top teeth, and it looks like he is cutting two others as well. Maybe they will just all come at once and we can get this teething thing over with...he has become a 'screamer' since these teeth have been poking his head....which has been interesting with my new job as a teacher for a virtual academy. :) I love it when the kids say; "I can't hear you Mrs. Ekk, because your baby is loud..." I feel so bad when he is in pain...but he gets extra clingy, which I am ok with, because I try to cherish every snuggly moment I can get with him. :)

Another 'new'....he has gone the longest that he has ever gone with a straight sleep through the night...two nights  he went 7 hours, and then one night he went 10!!! I actually kept waking up to see if he was ok. The next night wasn't as great (those darn teeth), but I am fine with's amazing how my body adjusts. :) of the funniest things....he has figured out how to pull himself up on his crib, just stands and looks around. So, when I put him down, he will pull himself up and if I come in to check on him, he looks at me, cracks up and falls down...he thinks its hilarious! He is so funny right now...laughs all the time! He also has grown a love for a teddy bear named, "Umbrella" that was Jason's teddy bear when he was a baby-so cute!

We are convinced that he can say, "ball" (another video that is on my facebook) :) and I think that he says, "mama" for me. :) Watching him grow is the best gift in the world and we praise God for our little baby whose turning into a little boy. :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The joys of parenthood

Some of the little joys of everyday life:

Getting to read to my little boy every day after nap these moments (doesn't he look so big on my lap?)-how does that happen?? 

He just loves to sit and play with the cupboard door while I get his bath ready....I love watching him explore and have fun! 

Feeling like I'm the luckiest mommy alive,
Alicha :)