Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adventures of baby food making

Well, now that we are settling in our new home in San Diego, I am getting into my new hobby of making baby food. :) Here are some pictures of making his first 'real' food...butternut squash.

I love butternut squash and was excited to make it for my little guy. I bought some storage trays for baby food to freeze it, and so I will have the right amount for Ryan to eat. :)

boiling the cubed squash

mashing it...using my need to by a food mill :) 

It made so much! One jar of organic food is .89 cents at the store....the squash was $2...and made about 5 times the amount that the store's jar had. 

Now...for the real test: 

What does he think? 

He isn't quite sure......

It's ok mom...not my favorite thing right now, but after a few tries....maybe it'll grow on me. 

I have to admit...I had a lot of fun making food for my precious boy. I am excited about all the yummy creations to come in the next months. Praying that I'll have a good eater. :)