Friday, June 13, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

This year after moving, having morning sickness and all the craziness that comes with a new house, I was itching to just get away! So, for mother's day I told Jason I wanted to just go to church, grab something for lunch and head up to the Sequoia's for the day. We took a picnic dinner in case we wanted to stay for a while, but it started to get to cold by then. We went to the big trees and had a wonderful walk and time of just exploring. The kids LOVED the big trees and being in nature. It was so nice to get out and not be reminded of all the things I needed to do at home. I even bought a lot of treats that I don't usually buy (candy, cookies, etc), and it was so fun! 

The kids and I enjoying a pre-walk cookie :) 

Ryan looking at the very very tall tree! 

loving the cookie! 

a 'good' family picture these days are a bit tough...but at least you can see all of our faces ;) 


exploring an old log cabin...I wouldn't do well in that situation ;) 

it was pretty chilly up in the mountains! 

cute little buddies! 


yup...we're raising some tree huggers! :) 

Thanks to Jason who helped plan an amazing mother's day! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ally's big girl bed!

Since we are finally in our new home, we were finally able to transfer Ally to her big girl bed! I was so happy to get the crib out of her room and of course I had fun picking out some cute girly bedding! :) Ally was a little concerned as we were taking down her crib. She actually sat in middle of it as Jason was taking it apart. But...once we were able to get her big girl bed up, she was ok with the situation. She was pretty excited and slept great! I LOVE that she can come out in the morning and come snuggle with us. Here's our little sweetie in her cute big girl bed: 

as long as she has her blankies, she's good! ;) 

little girl in a big bed! 

Another milestone for our Ally girl! Love her to pieces!! 

Easter Day 2014!

Easter didn't go exactly as planned (both kids were sick), but we still had a great day! We weren't able to go to church, but we did make it to the Easter celebration and the kids seemed to be quite a bit better by then. In the morning we were able to make our traditional resurrection rolls...a great way to describe the resurrection of Jesus and also a yummy treat! Here's the pictures of our day:
The kids helping me make our 'resurrection rolls'

The middle of the rolls had a marshmallow in them (representing Jesus being buried)...when they are baked, the marshmallow melts, and the 'tomb' is empty! Jesus is risen! :) 

The handsome boys! 

I LOVE dressing up the their Easter gear! 

Family picture 

Celebrating at Oma's house! 

All the kiddos with their eggs! 

We had such a wonderful time! Thankful!