Monday, October 29, 2012

I-phone pictures

How amazing that we can take pictures any time, any where. I tend to take random pics of my kiddos, and these are some of my favorites lately. Such sweet moments. 

just playing on the floor...she smiles nearly every time I bring out my phone

momma/baby picture sent to Daddy while he was on the train to San Diego 

Ryan wanted to put all of Ally's headbands on...she was a good sport about it

We had some fun playing in the rain 

she's just so fun! 

We swing a lot during Ryan's she doesn't wake him up...not sure what we're going to do when the weather gets yucky! 

Pillow talk with my girl 
These next four are from a mommy/son date to Starbucks. It was so fun to go and have special one on one time with him and for him to have a special treat. He LOVED the cinnamon roll and gobbled it up. What a sweet time and I'm looking forward to MANY more of these dates with my little man.

He ate the whole thing! Love this stage of my sweet little boy!

Omi's 100th Birthday

This last week, Jason's Grandma, Omi turned 100, so her kids threw her a party. :)  Mom and Dad Ekk came home from Portugal for 10 days to help celebrate, and it has been so fun to have them here. At the party, it was so great to get together with most of the Ekk relatives...there are a lot of them since Jason's Dad is the 10th of 11 kids. :) How amazing that Omi has lived 100 years and up until just a few years ago, would smile and giggle when you would talk to her and would recognize her kids. We aren't sure how much she understands now, but she did seem to fully enjoy the program and didn't fall asleep. :) What a blessing it was to be with family...and to celebrate a wonderful woman!

Omi and Dad 

Omi with her kids and spouses 

The kids with their kids and their kids...whew! Lots of generations! 

Ryan was so good during the 1.5 hour presentation....just played with the cars...thanks to cousin Jacob! 

Auntie Heidi love 

they're just cute! 
Our thankful for them! 

All the great grandkids helped blow out the candles. 
So much fun!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ally Grace: 7 months

The other day it hit me that Ally was almost 7 months. I had been saying 6 and a half months for a while because the thought of 7 months just seems so big! So much has happened this month. It's amazing the change that goes on in one month. This month Ally has cut two teeth...and sleep has been horrible because of it! Her daily routine is changing. She is going from 3 naps to 2 longer naps during the day. She loves to sing and just babble. She is so loud! I try to keep her quiet while Ryan is going to sleep, and she loves to walk around with me, so we end up walking around the house together until Ryan is asleep. She is just a doll...and my favorite thing right now is her nose scrunch when she smiles. This little girl has stolen our hearts...and Ryan's too...he loves to make her laugh and to help her get toys and to make sure she is ok. Whenever she cries, he insists that I give her milk, or says that she's tired and needs to go night night. :) I love to watch them interact and Ryan is for sure her favorite! She is all smiles is when he is around and he gets her to laugh the hardest. :) What a blessing our two littles are. Here are some of my favorite pics from this month:

Love it when they play together! Ryan loves to read to Ally and help her play with her toys :) 

my little snorter! 
Starting solids has been rocky. She doesn't seem to like anything and almost gags when food hits the back of her mouth. This month we tried rice cereal, avocado, banana, sweet potatoes, pears, and apples. I have been giving her a little bit of puffs and she likes to try to pick them up, but her pincer grasp is still developing. I try giving her a little every day, but she rarely gets much down, she mostly spits it out. :)

she mostly just makes a big mess :) 

But at least she's a cute mess! 

I had fun with a little photo shoot:

I love this picture because this shows her personality so well! So much joy! 

Ryan loves to pull Ally around in the wagon...she's a good sport...just along for the ride. 

sweet girl

Ally talking to Grandma on skype. We LOVE skype! 
And then the 7 month pictures: (Her eyes are a little red here since she was getting  over her cold)

loves to eat her toes 

love this smile :)

Here are Ally's 7 month stats: 

weight: 17 lbs. 
sleep: starting to go down for 2 2 hour naps, but some days she will still do 3 naps. She cut 2 teeth and also got a cold this month so sleep at night has been horrible! Some nights she wakes up every hour...whew! I'm pretty tired, but thankful for coffee! :) Hoping and PRAYING she starts sleeping longer stretches soon. 
-she started to roll quite a bit to get things that she wants and I can tell she wants to crawl so bad. She wants to go and play with her big brother, so I wouldn't be suprised if crawling is in our near future. 
-She LOVES people and is such a charmer. She just scrunches her nose and smiles and gets the greatest reaction out of people. 
-She has started to notice new people and cry for me when she is unsure who has her. :) 

We also found out this month that our little Ally has kidney reflux in both kidneys. She had to go through a VCUG that was traumatic for both of us. We are getting referred to a specialist and are so thankful that she hasn't had any infections yet, as she is very prone to them with her condition. We are praying that God will continue to keep her well and that she would grow out of it, which is possible. As hard as it has been to know that Ally does have this, I am so thankful that it is nothing fatal or life threatening. What a blessing she is to us and we are so thankful for her health and praying that God will guide us as we venture forth with this.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

What a fun day at the Pumpkin Patch!!  We went to Hillcrest Farms in Reedley and the place was AMAZING!! A little nature hike with a castle, fort and slide along the way, a real steam locomotive train ride, a hay ride, a corn maze and pumpkins galore! Jason was in San Diego for class, but my Aunt (Nana) came with us and we had so so much fun!! I love having kids and taking them to the pumpkin patch :) Here is our day:

My cuties :) 

my lil pumpkin 

had to show off the Halloween tights 

There were so many old tractors for him to sit on...he was in heaven..but a little bummed that they didn't go :) 

so fun that Nana could come with us! 

getting ready to take the trail to the train!

oh how he LOVED this old slide...he could've just gone down on this  the whole day

On our way to the train! 

They had a cool model train set up for the was awesome! 

The cutest centerpiece a table could have! 

Nana and Ryan 

such a fun ride on the train!

the steam coming out was really cool 

Then a picnic lunch with our cousins :) 

Ally and Selah...Ally is 7 months old today and Selah is 9 months old today! 

love this girl to pieces! 

Then we went on a hay ride with the cousin crew

All of us 

what a fun day! 

another old tractor Ryan was able to sit on 

and then we ended our day picking out some pretty awesome pumpkins. 

What a great start to fall!