Tuesday, August 13, 2013

3.5 years: My sweet little guy

There have been many moments lately where I look at Ryan and think, "Where did my baby go?" He is all boy and so creative and such a thinker. I absolutely our daily conversations about how the world works. He is in the stage where 'why' and 'how' are his main words. But, as a teacher, his curiosity and desire to understand how the world works is so much fun! He is so so sweet and is always checking in with me by asking, "Mommy, are you happy?" He loves to help clean, mop and is a great listener. I am so thankful for his peaceful spirit and love for fun. What a blessing it is to watch him grow. Here are some of my favorite pics of my 3 and half year old! 

just being a super hero with his trusty side kick: Lovey bear :)

special mommy/son ice cream date after Ally is asleep...this guy LOVES ice cream!! 

too cool 

playing with his cars on the chair in hopes his little sister won't get them :) 

He loves his Daddy...especially the great stories that he tells him every night. :) 

Nothing but pure joy playing on the beach! 

love this little smile! 
watching the fireworks! 

fun with the sparklers :) 

watching a night movie together! 

just relaxing :) 

craft time with mom! 

pretending to be a robot. :) 

Some of my favorite things right now: 
-how you still LOVE your yellow juice and blue cereal (granola) in the morning. :) 
-how you are so excited to be a big boy one day and drive the big tractors like the cotton baler and combine
-how you look forward to your Sunday school class
-your love for music and the concerts that you daily give us. 
-how you and Ally run around the house yelling and playing "hide."
-your hugs and kisses
-reading to you before you go to bed and counting the starts to 100. 
-how you love to paint, cut, color, play play-doh. :) 
-your curiosity and how you ask so many questions. 
-your giggles and how you love to be tickled. 
-when you ask, "What are you making for me, mommy?" when I am cooking. :) 
-how you are giving a really good effort at eating more vegetables since you know they make you big and strong to drive a tractor. :) 
-you don't take naps hardly at all anymore, but at least rest for about an hour everyday...so mommy can have a break. :) 
-you love to be a big helper and are very good at helping mommy! 

You are just so much fun and the best little guy! I love you so much Ryan Otto! :)