Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another first :)

I am amazed at how many firsts Ryan has every week. It's so hard to keep up. But I love watching him grow and develop, it is such a blessing. Today we had a major first: he held himself up on the chair. He was just playing and pulled himself onto his knees and I didn't think that he would get further than that.

 But then I looked over and this is what I saw:

I literally screamed when he actually got up and I think I scared him, but he just looked at me funny and then smiled his sweet smile. It was like, "yeah mom, I'm getting big and this is fun!" So of course I grabbed the camera and had to get documentation for this momentous occasion. :) What a blessing it is to be able to witness these little is such a gift!

Monday, September 27, 2010

My new babysitter

Our little dog Layla is a very loved (some would say spoiled) dog. Well, she has a new best friend: Ryan! Ryan can't get enough of her lately. It's so cute. As soon as he sees her he gets excited and just laughs and laughs as she runs by him or even just sits near him. So, when Ryan starts to get a little fussy I just call Layla and he can be entertained forever by her, especially when we throw the ball. He loves watching Layla run back and forth. And sweet Layla is so good with Ryan. She is so gentle and doesn't mind when he pulls on her ears or tries to put her tail in his mouth. :P Here's some pictures of the two cuties:

This makes my heart smile! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun in SD!

Ok, so even though I miss my friends and family and ministries up in Fresno, San Diego really isn't a bad place to live. We have had fun exploring this week.
So far we went on a picnic dinner at a Lake called Murray Lake in La Mesa. It was pretty fun...a beautiful evening, but there was a Jewish celebration going on at the 'picnic' place, so we just sat down at a spot overlooking the lake. It wasn't grassy, but it was still nice.

And...we had fun eating out in the sunshine!

Layla enjoyed being out as well! She stayed close to Ryan...such a protector! 

On Friday night, we tried our first 'family night' by going to Pacific Beach and getting some frozen yogurt. The frozen yogurt was delicious, but it got to be a little late for our little guy. He wasn't too happy, and it was a bit chilly. But he at least looked good in his beanie! 

Then, this past Sunday we went to Balboa Park after a great church service at Journey. It was an absolutely beautiful day. We were able to walk around....go into a free art exhibit, and also walk through some international houses and try their tasty treats. We are excited to be so close to such a fun place. 

Well, its a start to learning how to live life in a new city. Until next time! :) 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a month...from here to there and back again!

Well, it is official....we are moved down to beautiful Spring Valley in San Diego, Ca. This month has consisted of moving our stuff down here, unpacking, and then going back to Fresno, coming down to SD for a few days and then leaving Jason in SD while Ryan and I wen to Dinuba to help with wedding stuff and spend time with Jason's parents for two weeks. Jason's parents were for the month, so when they came down for a few days and absolutely spoiled us. They bought us a grill for a house-warming gift and I don't know if I'm ever going to cook again...I LOVE bbqing...wait...I love that Jason bbq's and I just have to make the sides. :) It was a privilege to have Mom and Dad Ekk as our first guests. They worked their tails off helping us with yard work, and of course...spending quality time with their favorite grandson :) They were also able to come with us on a boat cruise of the harbor for part of Jason's law school orientation. :)

And then...Jason has officially started law school. This was his 'first day of school' picture: (Aren't they cute!) :) 

He seems to be doing very well...confident in himself and his studies. He is learning his study patterns and how to be a full-time student again. Overall...he is adjusting well to being a law student. He has his first exam next week...Go Jason! 

Well, while Jason was starting law school, Ryan and I were staying in Dinuba with Mom and Dad Ekk for two weeks. We enjoyed spending quality time, and Ryan was so loved and it was great to be able to leave Ryan a few times with Grandma and Grandpa to go run errands (and they didn't protest :) ). We helped a little with getting ready for Heidi's wedding and I was also treated to a manicure, pedicure and massage package as a gift from my husband! :) One of Ryan's favorite things was to sit outside and watch the big trucks go by.

And then...Heidi got married! It was a beautiful day and a beautiful bride. We had three amazing high school girls watching after Ryan, and they did a fantastic job. It was fun to get all dressed up and catch up with family. 

And all the Ekk kids: ( I must admit...a good looking bunch!) 

And now....we are San Diego. I have to admit...I miss life in Fresno. I miss my friends and bible study and my high school girls and playgroup and MOPS. I went to a women's bible study today and it was hard to not want to cry because I was sad to not be in the group that I was last year. But, I know that God has me here and I am going to try to not to compare. It is hard to not know anyone and be sort of a 'nobody.' I loved our community at The Bridge and am so thankful that God allowed us to be a part of it for so long. It's hard to think that we are starting from ground zero, but we're just praying for leading on where we are supposed to be. 

Ok, sorry that's a little depressing. Here are some stats of my sweet little Ryan. Each month just gets better and better and I love watching my little man learn and develop. Here are some of his accomplishments for this month: 
-He has become OBSESSED with cups...grabbing at them and/or throwing himself towards them. There are three things he cries about when they are taken away: cups, keys, and books (he puts all three in his mouth:) 

-he rolls all the way over on both sides, but hates being on his tummy...and mom has a hard time letting him get frustrated, so it may be a while until he crawls. :) 
-he is a great sitter :)
-he turns the pages of books when I read to him
-He is about 20ish lbs
-He has conquered solids this month with eating butternut squash, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears and avocado! 

-He also is getting pretty good with a sippy cup...has never taken a a sippy cup would be the next step :) 
-He laughs a lot (and it's contagious)
-He likes to roll balls
-Some of his new favorite toys are spoons and spatulas :)
-He seems to recognize people became obvious with Grandpa and Grandpa
-He has his bottom two teeth! 

Well, this has become a bit until next time...I will end with me trying to be artsy, but I absolutely love this picture! I know I'm biased...but he's sooo cute! 

Because of His love, 
Alicha :)