Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's Pumpkin Time! :)

We had a little pumpkin carving party on Friday night. It was great! We had pizza, good friends and naked kiddos running around! Well...they did have their diapers on. :) Here's some pics of the night:

Getting ready to carve! 

attempting to finger paint...the pumpkin was way more exciting :) 

Shyla liked the finger paints! Love those little nakey bodies! 

Ryan loved digging into the pumpkin 

and then stirring the pumpkin guts! :) 

all he needs is a bowl and something to stir with...he is a happy little guy. :) 

the finished product! 

carved by the wonderful Carolyn Woolf! :) 

Happy Halloween!

My little artist :)

This made me super excited! I have been trying to do fun 'art' activities with Ryan. Most of the time he just isn't that into it. He does like to color, and his favorite thing is to help me cook or be outside digging in the dirt. But, being a teacher, I keep trying. :) I came across a recipe for homemade finger paints on pinterest, and gave it a try. The first night we tried he wasn't that into it, but we were also carving pumpkins, and he wanted to dig in the pumpkin. :) But then, I decided to give it another try, and he painted! His first masterpiece. This made my teacher's heart happy.

sitting at his little table! 

He wasn't into the finger part of the painting, so I gave him a silicone pastry brush...worked great! 

This made me laugh...I put a cup of water on the table for him to dip his brush in...he decided it was better to drink it. :) 

his little feet don't even hit the ground yet! 


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

I was ridiculously excited for the pumpkin patch this year. I'm not sure why, but I thought that Ryan was going to love it. He has been excited about all the pumpkins he has been seeing, and so I thought that he was going to have a great time. Well, he had fun for probably about 10 minutes, but then something scared him in the petting zoo part, and he just wanted to be held. No problem, but I really wanted to ride the little train ride with him, and we had a free ticket, so being the good, gentle mom that I am, I forced him on the ride. :) He wanted to sit on my lap and they wouldn't let him, and he started to cry, but as soon as the train started going, he stopped and seem to enjoy the ride. *success* He even clapped afterwards. :) So, here's to our pumpkin patch experience today...yay for Fall!

he picked out the perfect Ryan sized pumpkin! 

this was his favorite 

Add caption

nice goat! 

He loved the chickens, aka "boc-boc's"

trying to get him off my lap :/

oh, the tears :(

and then we were ok! :) 

he held on, but liked it. :) 


family picture :) (not the best picture, but oh well)

I think in Ryan's world, spinning the wheels of the wheelbarrow was the highlight of the day! :) 

What a difference a camera can make!

My friend, Steph, has one of those super cool big cameras, and she let Jason play around with it. He got some awesome pictures of Ryan. It's amazing the difference of quality a camera can make. Now, we're saving our pennies. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Love my girls and our boys!

This last week I had two of my close friends from college come and visit with their new little babies. One was 2 months and the other 3 months. I had been looking forward to a while, and was very much looking forward to having some girl time. Their visit definitely did not disappoint! Overall, I would say that the visit was rejuvenating. It was so good to have some girl time and get some baby lovin as well. We didn't do a whole lot, but did some shopping and sight seeing and just enjoyed being together. Here are some awesome pics from their visit, thanks to Steph's awesome camera. :)  Girls, thanks for making my month! Love you and your sweet boys! 

They finally arrived! Congrats on making the 9 hour trip with two babies! These are studly mommas! :)

Our stroll at Sea Port Village

Maddex won the prize for the best blowout! :) 

Sweet Lollie and baby Blake. It's such a blessing having her live 5 miles away! :) 

Ry was very interested in the boats. 

and the ducks! :) 

 A lot of our day was spent just taking care of our boys. I loved watching these little guys and their mommas! There's nothing like being a new mom. :)

Casie and Jude

picture time for the boys! 

seriously....a ton of cuteness right here!

Ryan was a bit overwhelmed at times having two babies in the house. He did really well with them, but not necessarily when mom was holding them. It was great for him to be around them and for me to get a little glimpse of what it will be like when baby #2 comes. :) But, we had some sweet one on one moments and he is becoming a good little helper in the kitchen! 

At the end of the week, our other friend from college came with her little guy and stayed with Laurel. We had breakfast at Laurel's house and got to meet all the new babies. These four girls all had their babies within 2 months of each other. And...they are ALL boys! So fun! Soon we'll have a soccer team! What a great visit with great friends! 

Casie and Jude! I love this pic!

There's nothing like having kids when your friends have kids. Looking forward to watching this boys grow up and praying for wisdom for us as we try to be the best moms we can be for our little men!