Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fathers Day 2012

This was Jason's first Father's Day as a daddy of 2! He is such a good daddy and deserves to be celebrated. We made him a yummy breakfast-that included bacon upon his request. :) Then, we went to the concert in the Park on Coronado Island with some friends who were celebrating their first Father's Day. We have a bunch of friends who are having babies right now, and it is so fun to see our friends become new parents. Our mommy group at Mosaic is expanding exponentially and that is so exciting! So, we had a picnic dinner with wonderful friends and oo'ed and aww'ed over all the sweet babies. It was also an extra good day for Jason because Portugal had won the soccer game that must have been because Jason and Ryan wore their jersey's. :)

making our dinner...Ryan loves to picnic!

wearing his Portugal soccer outfit...makes Dad very proud!

Ally loved being outside! 

wearing their Portugal gear :) 

Ryan giving little Holden a high five

watching the band play

sweet baby Holden

Derrick's first Father's Day and cute little Blake :) 

the crew

goofy boy!

Happy Father's Day to the best Dada ever! We love you and are so thankful for you!

The Dad's and their little's :) 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Bucket List

It is Summer time! :) And we live in San Diego! We have loved the city of San Diego and all the stuff that we have been able to do while being down here. It is such a family friendly city and the weather is pretty much perfect. :) Being from Fresno makes me appreciate these cool days even more. With law school coming to a close, we are most likely going to be moving up north again soon for some job opportunities and to be close to our friends and family. So, this could be our last summer here, which makes me sad. We have made some incredible friends and will be so sad to leave, so we want to truly enjoy them as much as we can this summer. So, we have made a list of everything that we want to make sure to do while we are still down here. We have actually already accomplished a few, which is exciting, but we have some great things to look forward to. Here is our list:

1. Take the trolley to down town, play at Petco park.
2. Have a yard sale
3. Go to the concerts in the Park in Coronado as many times as possible. (already went for Father's Day)
4. Go to Zoo Nights
5. Take a picnic lunch to La Jolla Shores.
6. Have a non-kids date for our anniversary :)
7. Have a BBQ with Jason's law school friends
8. Sell some items at a local consignment kids store (already did!)
9. Have a picnic at Mission Bay Park.
10. Make homemade ice-cream
11. Go to our friend Derrick's fire station with Ryan
12. Host a mom's get together at least twice a month

So, there you have it. Our goals for the summer. :) Here's to enjoying where God has had us for this season of life.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hume Lake

Last week we spent the week in Dinuba with Jason's parents. Since they are on furlough, we have tried to spend as much time as we can with them. We are so blessed to have them with us during this time. It has been so fun to have them here and for Ryan to get to know his Grandma and Papa. We decided that it would be fun to take a day trip to Hume. I have always LOVED Hume and have such a connection from being on full time staff, a weekend worker, and summer staff. Many of my dearest memories are from Hume, and I can say that God has met me there many times and I have had life-changing memories at that place. It was so fun to go up with the family. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, had lunch at the Snack Shop and of course...had a milk shake. I am so glad we were able to do this. Our kids have the best Grandparents ever and I know this is a memory that we will share forever. :)

Allyson Grace: 3 months

3 months! Really??!! It makes me a little sad....I LOVE babies, and 3 months of my baby's life is already done. Anyone who has known me for a while knows that I have always been obsessed with babies...I love to hold them, look at them, I even studied children development in college because I have such a love for babies and kids. Now that Ally is 3 months...she is officially not a newborn. It makes me a little sad. It means that she is going to start becoming more aware, giggling more, sitting, cutting teeth (really not looking forward to that), and growing up. When I say a 'little sad', that's because I am also REALLY excited to see her grow and develop into her little personality. I am already so in love with my easy-going, smiley, happy girl, and I know that the love will just continue to grow. I am excited about that! But, the cuddles are so fun right now, and just having a little, squishy, beautiful baby girl has been so much fun. And three months has gone by so reminds me to cherish the moments and not to rush to the next day. Each day is such a gift. is so much fun getting to know our little Ally girl. I didn't think I would be lucky enough to have 2 good babies...but I do. :) Ally is so easy-going and she loves to smile! She hardly ever cries, but she does have her moments when she is really hungry or over-tired. Most days she is so content and is starting to coo and 'talk' so much. She LOVES to hear a voice and see faces. It is so much fun to watch her light up when you talk to her. She has the most beautiful eyes and I love when we get to just watch each other as she nurses.

It is amazing how much babies grow in the beginning. I feel like she is changing almost every day. This month she officially has refused the pacifier. I tried for a while to get her to like it, but she just doesn't. Instead...she LOVES her thumb. She is definitely a thumb-sucker. It is so cute to watch. It's great also because I don't have to find her thumb for her, I know when she's ready for sleep because in goes that thumb. It's amazing how God has created us. I didn't 'teach' her how suck her thumb, it was just what she did. Here are some pictures of her putting herself to sleep. It literally takes like 2 minutes most of the time...she just finds her thumb, and moments later, she's out.

sucking away

and out! 
Also, this month has been fun with watching Ryan interact more and more with Ally. He always makes sure that we have her with us and likes to tell us where she should go. For example, if I'm holding her, Ryan will go to her swing and say "Ale-ya" (his way of saying Ally) saying that we should put her there. Whenever we are putting Ally to sleep, he has learned that we need to be quiet. He says; "shhh." He also LOVES to watch her get her diaper changed, especially if its poopy. He kind of gags as I'm changing her and says, "yuck." But, he doesn't ever want to miss a change. :) He also tries to entertain her and likes to help her play. He always wants to lay under her activity mat with her or show her toys. Yesterday, we put her in the exersaucer for first time. I didn't think she would be big enough, but she is so strong, she did great. Ryan liked showing her how to play with it. :)

Here he is showing her a light toy that he loves. 

I told Ryan to show Ally the lights, but he put it in her mouth instead :) 
And now for the 3 month pictures: She was a little sleepy, since it was almost time for a nap, but we got a few smile pictures. This time I didn't ask Ryan to take pictures with her, he actually wanted to. I think he's getting used to his baby sister. :) I am excited to see how they will play and develop a relationship in the next few months. :)

3 month stats: 
weight: 14 lbs 
height: 25 inches
eating: usually every 2ish hours, sometimes 2.5 or 3
sleeping: she has been taking naps about 45 mins to an hour and about 6 naps a day, and will take a long nap when during Ryan's nap when I hold her :) She wakes to eat anywhere from 1 to 3 times a night. She is now falling asleep usually by 9 and is up between 7 and 8. 

She also loves to Moby wrap. I used it a lot with Ryan's great for when we are out running errands...I put her in and within minutes, she falls asleep...she is my little cuddle bug! 

With Ally, I love that I know what I am comfortable with and not comfortable with in regards to parenting. I also know from having one baby already that babies change so quick and just to be flexible and know that the hard times pass and to enjoy them where they are. Here is a pic to end this month's update of my little sleeping beauty.