Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our little girl at 18 months!!!

Ally just turned 18 months!! I honestly can't believe it! She is getting so big! She really has changed SO SO much in the last 6 months! She is such a busy little toddler! She is into everything (I call her my little tornado...you can always tell where she's been cause it's chaos), she climbs onto anything...especially the table (in about 10 seconds), she is saying so many words, wanting to go pee pee on the potty...and although she keeps me extremely busy and on my toes...she is just so much fun! She has days where she is quite the handful as she can be clingy and a little dramatic, but we are so blessed to have such a fun and goofy little girl who loves to run, laugh and play with her big brother! I have been a bit sentimental looking back at the pictures over the past few months and just have to add my favorites: so be warned: This is a bit of picture overload...but it's my blog that becomes our family scrapbook...so I get to do what I want! ;) 

Here is our sweetie at 12 months: 

And then at 13 months: 

14 months:

15 months:

16 months-the month where she made it clear that she has her own style :) 

17 months: 

And now at 18 months:

(This is where I am going to add her 18 month pics once they're done)

Our little Ally girl, we are so thankful for you! We love your laugh-and how you growl when you get really excited. We love how you always want to be involved and wherever we are...especially when mommy is cooking...you are always at my feet wanting up and saying 'see.' You know what you want and fight really hard to get it. When mommy says no, you are very sad...we had our first melt-down tantrum at Fresh and Easy the other day. :) You also love to play in the areas that you aren't really supposed to: I found you sitting in the toilet the other day and we have to be careful that you don't dump all of Layla's food and water everywhere. You are also such a little monkey! You are an amazing climber...you can get on top of the table in like 5 seconds! It's such a new world for me because Ryan didn't even do stairs on his own until he was over 2! 

Here are some of my favorites about you right now: 
*How much you adore your brother and want to do everything he does...it's funny to watch you eat...if Ryan takes a bite of his sandwich, so do you. :) 
*How tough you are...Ryan and you wrestle pretty well together and I am always telling Ryan to be gentle and careful, but you just giggle and want more. 
*All the words you say: mommy, daddy, Ry Ry, Layla, pease (please), hi (in the highest pitch possible), bye bye (again-highest pitch possible), beebee (baby), sewal (cereal), wawa (water), buh (book), baba (bottle for your baby's), kitty, dog, truck, tweet tweet (bird), D (Uncle D), Papa, die die (drive), car, kiss, two. It's so fun to hear your little voice! You also know all animal sounds and will even pretend to be a snake at least once a day. 
*You love meat! We gave you half a hamburger patty the other day and you kept saying nom nom and wanted even more after you finished it! You also love eating whole plums and peaches, bananas, granola, broccoli (still so happy about that), mac n cheese, pizza, chicken (boc-boc), pasta, and cheese. You also love goldfish and pirates booty. 
*You love to sing and rock to your babies-you have a little bottle and LOVE to feed them as well. 
*You adore cats and kittens...our neighbors have a ton and you always want to go over and hold them. 
*You are totally a momma's girl and it breaks my heart when you cry when I have to leave you for work or at the nursery...but you adapt well and only cry for a few minutes

Allyson Grace...you keep me on my toes, but keep me laughing as well. I love your passion for life and how you are sure of yourself and what you want. I pray that God will guide us as your parents and that you will always know how incredibly loved you are and how blessed you make our lives. Even on my tired-est days, I wouldn't have it any other way. I am so thankful for our 18 months that we have been given and looking forward to watching you grow and pray that you will learn to love and serve the Lord with your whole heart. We love you Ally girl!