Sunday, July 17, 2011

4 years! :)

Jason and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary this past week. It was great! We splurged and went to the Melting Pot. We went there for our 1st anniversary, but just got the meat and chocolate part. It was enough food, but we decided to do all four courses this time. It was sooo fun! :) We even had our amazing babysitter come and watch out little guy. We love Lydia! There aren't too many people who Ryan is naturally comfortable with, but he loves her! And, she is sooo great with him. We are so thankful to have her down here in San Diego!

Anyways, dinner was awesome! We were given a little, intimate booth that they said was called 'lover's lane.' We felt like we were the only ones in the restaurant since we couldn't see anyone else. The restaurant is so great with anniversary's. When we arrived, there was a little card waiting on the table for us.

The food was amazing! I loved it because it didn't feel like we ate a ton (oh-we were full, but not stuffed), but we were there for about 2 hours since 3 out of the 4 courses are fondue. We started with the artichoke cheese fondue. Soo yummy!

Then we had an amazing shrimp and avocado salad...never had anything like it before...sooo good! 

Next was Jason's favorite: the meat and veggies. We got the cheapest plate, but we had pork, chicken, steak, filet, shrimp and ravioli's. It's so fun, because you just cook your meat one at a time, and then they give you about 6 different dipping sauces for the meat. So, you really get to savor each bite. 

Then, it was my favorite....the dessert!!! Oh, it's soo good! We got chocolate turtle fondue: milk chocolate with carmelized pecans. The flambead it right in front of us. Then, there were amazing things to dip in it: fruit, cheesecake, brownies, angel food cake...divine! 

Here's to celebrating 4 amazing years with my incredible husband! I feel so blessed to have him in my life and Praise God for each day He gives us. Thankful :) 

Here we are on our wedding day: 

And now four years later: (We haven't changed...right?! :) ) 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Love Mondays!!

Enjoying my day with my sweet little man! 

I love Mondays! I love them because I am creature of habit, and I do the same thing every Monday. I get laundry done, menu plan, and do the grocery shopping. I also love Monday's because they are a bit of a slower day, as we are re-grouping from the weekend. And, Jason is home Monday's just a good day.

Today Ryan and I just played in the backyard for a while. It was great. I tend to be a bit of a Martha (busy, worrying about my to-do list), but today I tried more to be like Mary (sitting and enjoying the life that God has given me, and just being....being with Jesus and just being with my son). Ryan loves to play outside, but I am not always just sitting with him...I may be making a meal, cleaning, etc. He especially loves it when we play with him (of course). So, it was great to just watch him play, play in the dirt with him, and go down our slides in the backyard that I got from a yardsale -score! I also just sat for a while with my camera, and catch him in his everydayness. Here are my fav's:

I give him pine needles....he takes them and puts them in his dump truck. Our backyard doesn't have grass...perfect for little boys! 

He claps every time he puts the needles in the truck. 

Now it's time to play with the bucket, Mom! :) 

my 'artsy' shot :) 

All a boy needs is dirt! :) 

want to remember this stage forever! He's so sweet! 

This is a picture I get a lot...he loves it when I rake for him with this little yellow rake. 

He doesn't like to ride his little bike, but he loves to push it.

He cracked up every time he crashed...such a boy! :) 

Friday, July 1, 2011

17 months!

This month marked the end of a very busy/stressful time. I finished teaching in the middle of June and Jason finally got back from China as well. He had a great time, missed us of course :), but got to see The Great Wall and experience another culture. This month also has been transitioning from a work from mom/stay at home mom to just a stay at home mom. I have to say: it is the BEST job! I was just thinking today how thankful I am that I am able to live out my dreams of just being with my boy and caring for my family. Who knows what the future holds, but for now, I am going to treasure the time that I have.

This month has been fun watching Ryan grow. We have noticed this month how much he is beginning to communicate and how much he understands. He learned to say 'no' this month, which has been kind of funny. He now lets us know that 'no,' he doesn't want to get out of the bath tub or what he wants to eat. I like to give him choices, and it is fun to see what types of activities/foods he chooses. He still LOVES to be outside. He is a bit obsessed with brooms, rakes, hoes...pretty much any yard equipment. He will bring me the broom or the rake and want me to get to work. Geez! It has been pretty cute watching him drag the broom around. He wants so badly to carry the rake, but momma's not that nice yet...I don't want him getting hurt. :) He does have his own little rakes, so that will have to do for now. Here's our little guy with his favorite toys:
broom in one hand...little shovel in the other :) 

Ryan is definitely becoming a little person. I realize more and more that he is his own individual and I love seeing the person who God is forming in him. He is definitely in the momma's boy stage. He is a cuddler, but mostly with me. One day he didn't want to nap (first time ever) after trying for over an hour to get him to sleep, I just brought him out to the living room and he laid with me and we watched Elmo together. It was pretty sweet. He is at the point where he likes Elmo, but he doesn't get to watch it too often, so this was definitely a treat. :) 

Here are some more picture highlights of the month: 

My sweet friends, Emily and Ellie came and visited me for a weekend this month. They are both girls that were in my small group, and dear friends to me. It was so fun to have them and catch up again. I wish I had a picture with Ellie too...but she was the photographer. :) 

My Aunt Patrice and cousin Andrew also came and stayed with me for a week and helped me with Ryan while I was teaching. One of the days, I took off of work and we all went to the Zoo. It was so fun to watch Andrew (11 years old) take in the animals and truly enjoy God's creation. He is such a sweet boy and makes me excited to have a boy as well! It was so fun to have them! 

Both the boys thoroughly enjoying their chipotle
And then just some of my favorite pictures from the month:

Ryan loves Mr. Big Bear...and drags him around...cutest thing! 

momma lovin after bath :) 

Ryan has done this since before he could crawl...pulls out all of the dvds, and just studies them. 

Finally got him to put on the sunglasses...didn't keep them on very long though :) 

We also went to Fresno this past weekend for a friend's wedding. I wasn't good with taking pictures, but here are a few from some of the people we were able to hang out with:

It was great to hang out with these momma's, and the babies. (Rylan-on the right, is Ryan's cousin)

Uncle Darrin

Lastly....I joined a meet-up group here in San Diego. Since MOPS doesn't start until the Fall, I wanted to still try to meet some moms down here, and so I joined a meet-up of moms with kiddos around Ryan's age. We went to an aquarium in La Jolla, and it was really neat. Ryan LOVED the fishes and we had a great day out meeting some new friends.

Whoa! This was super cool...a huge window into the ocean

what's in there, mom?? 

Well, that's all for now...until next time! :)