Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This girl!

This girl is too much fun! She is changing by the day, and so I feel that a blog diary is a must right now. Since she has turned 1, she has started to say words. So far she says; "momma, dadda, yaya (Layla), uh uh (uh oh), all (all done), mmmm (moo), dis (yes), ah ah (monkey sound) and signs more. :) She blows kisses, waves bye bye, gives hugs and kisses when asked and dances and sings. Again...she is just so much fun! She LOVES to read books right now. When she wants to read "Hop on Pop," she says 'pop pop pop,' and for "Brown Bear, Brown Bear," she says, 'bo bo.' I love that I have two little book worms! And....she is walking all over the place...one of my favorite things right now!  Yesterday I just pulled out my camera and took some pictures of my girl...just everyday Ally. Here we go: 

blowing kisses

coming to momma :) 
She also LOVES to be outside...she sits by the door and points and shouts letting us know that she wants to go outside.

sitting in her new chair :) 

cutie girl! 

love my little toddly girl 

This is her; "I want to do this right now" face :) 

And then...she likes to try to escape as soon as the front door opens.

Loving every day we have with our sweet, fun girl! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter 2013

 We had a wonderful Easter day! I think all holidays with kids are just fun. I love their ages right now...especially Ryan...when everything is so fun and exciting! Here is our day:

We made resurrection rolls to explain the Easter story. This picture makes me laugh though, because he was sad that the marshmallow disappeared. Well....He is Risen! :) 

I had so much fun putting together their Easter baskets...I had been collecting for months! :) 

sweet Ally digging in to her basket :) 

Mom, will you help me?? 

loving her fishy filled eggs :) 

This kid LOVES yard work and was so excited about his new tools! :) 

digging into his basket...he was most excited about his jelly beans~! :) 

Family picture before church...so fun to dress up! 

Ryan and his sweet friend Brooklynn...they matched and were so so cute! 

look at that sweet girl! Love her! 

trying to get a picture of them at  church...they were a little distracted :) 

sweet Oma

little Easter photo shoot in their outfits :) 

These next pictures make me laugh...they were being so silly and I LOVE their expressions. :) 

Family picture after church 

And the Easter egg hunt! 

so many eggs! 

delicious Enns desserts! 
We then tried to get a picture of all the great Grandkids...I am happy to say that this year Ryan was not the one screaming in the picture! so proud ;)

Oma with all her greats! 

Praise to Jesus who rose from the grave to give us life! He is Risen indeed!