Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fourth of July

The fourth of July included family, food, and fun for us us this year. We stayed in town, went to Grandma's house with the Bryan family, swam, bbq'd and then had a little fireworks show on the street. In a word it was: perfect. 

trying to get a picture of them in their Americana gear :) 

I had tried all day to get these two to sit together and take a picture...not an easy task when they're 1 and I put them on the counter (hoping one of them wouldn't fall or jump off) and told them to say cheese: this is what I got: 

this is my favorite "cheese" picture! :) 

They may not sit still...but they are just so stinkin cute!!! 
We swam and bbq'd. This was the only picture I took since I was wet and was making sure that Ally didn't dive into the pool. :)

Then we had some flag cake and watched a fireworks show put on by the dad's and Uncle D. :) 

getting ready :) 

And it begins...

ooohhhh ahhhh

mesmerized by the fireworks 

Both kids were a little scared with the screaming we stayed back a little bit :) 

loving the sparklers! 

tired little girl 

Happy Fourth! <3 br="">

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Beach Vacation 2013

I was super excited when we were able to plan to go to the Wilson's Beach house this summer with Heidi and Josh. Considering our few months without any income, I wasn't sure if we were going to do any sort of vacation this year. But...we were able to go to the Beach house for free (such a blessing), and then we took most of our meals, so it was great! It was seriously a perfect weekend; relaxing, fun with family and and the weather was perfect! I think that one of the main reasons why it was so fun was because a few days before hand Jason had finally been offered a full time job. :) So, there was a huge weight lifted off our shoulders and I felt like we were truly able to relax. It was awesome. The kids loved it, we loved it...I can't wait to do it again. Here is our trip in pictures: 

We arrived at noon on Friday and had lunch at the house...the kids made themselves right at home and found all the toys that were in the house. The whole weekend Ryan kept asking if the Beach house was our house...and that he didn't want to go back to our real house. :) He had a good time! :) 

Ally finding all the stuffed animals. 

exploring the house

both kids liked climbing up and down this ottoman
On Friday night we spent about an hour at the beach (it was actually a tiny bit cold), and had dinner at Splash cafe.

nothing like playing in the sand! 

This girl could just sit and play all day 

Ally had eaten a plum...and had managed to get it all over her face!! 

plum face! 

my patient boy waiting for his food and people watching 

waiting for some food! 
On Saturday, we had breakfast at home with Heidi and Josh and then we went to the Beach for the morning. It was a perfect 70 degree weather and wasn't crowded.

more sand play 

We played in the water for at least an hour...Ryan could've continued running in and out for longer...but he was shivering...he loved loved the water! 

Daddy running in with them :) 


Ally was more content to watch from the sand or be held...the water was a bit too cold for her! 

love my sweet family

We borrowed the tent from some was perfect!!! 

there were a lot of flies on the beach that day so ate our picnic lunch in the tent. :) 

Ryan making his sand castle 
Saturday evening we met Heidi and Josh at McLintocks for dinner for Jason's celebration of getting a job. :)

I just love her in pigtails. 

and of course...lots of play time at the beach house. 

It was such a great weekend with great memories!! Looking forward to many more memories at the beach!