Saturday, February 23, 2013

A day at the Zoo

This past Friday morning was spent at the Fresno Zoo with my two cuties and our cousins. It was a beautiful day out and so much fun! It was great to be outside and enjoy a day with family. It was definitely a FUN friday. :) 

climbing on the statues....lots of climbing today! 

she did so great hanging out in the stroller taking in the sights


The boys checking out the bulldozer

Getting ready to feed the giraffe

cutie girl :) 

Matthew and Luke getting their leaves to feed the giraffe

love Luke's expression here :) 


trying to get a pic with all three boys is not an easy task

This bird was awesome with its wings expanded in the sun :) 

watching the sea lions


So fun watching Ryan play with his cousins. As much as I LOVED the San Diego Zoo and miss it, being with family is priceless. :) 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ally Grace: 11 months!

This has been a fun and busy month! Our little Ally girl is crawling all over the place. As soon as she found out she could crawl, she did....she is on the go all the time! Whether she is chasing Ryan or trying to fish cords from under the couch or digging in the toy bins...she is all over! She also loves to chase Layla. She also has been eating a TON! She honestly eats more than Ryan and sometimes more than me. As long as there is food on her tray, she will keep eating. That is why is 2 months she has gained over 5 lbs! But, we praise the Lord for that because she needed to catch up. She is now a little over 20 lbs...we are ready to move her to a bigger car seat! I can't believe how big she is getting so's a work out carrying her around all day. She is also now fully in a routine but is very flexible. On days that we are home...she usually wakes up around 7, then naps from 9:00-10 or 10:30, then naps again from 2-3 or 4 (during the afternoon nap if she wakes early, I nurse her and let her sleep while holding her for a while...and I's the best!), she then goes down at 7. She is an awesome car sleeper...she loves to be in the car which makes traveling super easy with her...and days where we have to go to Fresno easy because I know she will get plenty of sleep while driving. :) She is such a happy baby, but definitely has shown us that she has a mind of her own and knows what she wants. Lately she has wanted to eat with silverware, and lets us know when she doesn't have it. She also goes for any cords, and Layla's food...which is now in the laundry room so we can shut the door. :) Oh, my silly little girl! Here are my favorite pics from the month: 

Playing in bed with Ryan :) 

Jason rocking her to sweet! 

We were matchy girls for church one day...hehe 

she does not like to fall asleep in her crib...if she is still a little awake and I put her in..she decides its play we nurse and rock and then she goes in just fine. :) 

She has been pulling herself up...such a big girl! 

wants to be by Ryan ALL the time! 

on the go! 

playing at the park :) 

Ryan puts all the toys he doesn't want her to have on the couch...but he's going to need to come up with another plan since she is pulling herself up and can get them...hah!

Ally's 11 month stats:

weight: a little over 20 lbs
sleep: still waking about 3 times a night to nurse...taking much better naps!
eating: eats whatever we do! LOVES bagels with cream cheese, oranges, hummus, beans, MEAT...oh man...she LOVES meat this month..mostly turkey and chicken, and any type of bread. I am still trying to get her to eat bananas and more veggies.
-She has had a runny nose for about 2 weeks, but she cut 2 teeth and I think another one is coming.
-can sign more and all done, wave hello, clap, dance (bounce), and giggles when we laugh.
-LOVES parties and fights sleep when she knows something is going on.
-is in 12 month clothing and still size 2 shoe
-size 4 diapers.
-has 8 teeth with another coming in.

and then the 11 month pictures:

Give me the! :) 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Ryan's 3rd Birthday!!

On February 2, my little guy turned 3!!! I still am letting in sink it that I have a 3 year old! I can't believe it! We had so so much fun celebrating him! We had a little Thomas the Train birthday party, and it was so fun because this was the first year he really understood that it was his birthday and was looking forward to it! Oh, how I LOVE being his mom! Here is our picture story of the day: 

Singing happy Birthday to our little guy (Uncle D in the background)
We have cinnamon rolls for breakfast for birthdays...he was blowing out the candle. :) 

His first gift...a Thomas the Train tent:) 

The cutest conductor that I have ever seen! 

working hard to get the party ready

We had a train buffet :) 

train PB&J

The food train 

Jason hand drew this train...quite the artist! 

cupcake table 

everyone getting their hats :) 

He couldn't wait to eat his train sandwich 

With our 3 year old! 

Uncle D got out Grandpa's old train set...the kids (and adults) loved it! 

Showing Luke the train

balloons :) 

I made the banner...trying to be decorative :) 

finally eating...he was so excited to eat! 

Oma and cousin Sayla 

Pa entertaining our Ally girl 

playing pin the caboose on the train 

Singing Happy Birthday 

LOVING the cupcake

pure joy

Sayla also enjoying the cupcake 

Ally giving Sayla a smooch :) 

so many fun, new presents! 

rocking the hat some more

Pa, Uncle Chris and his friend, Chris

Ryan said his favorite gift was his new Thomas the train track from Grandpa and Grandma Ekk :)

What a wonderful day we had...we also went to Bravo Farms for dinner that night with cousins Luke and Matthew...but I forgot my camera at home. :(

Here is a little interview that I had with Ryan about his likes/dislikes: 

Favorite color: yellow
Favorite animal: giraffe
Favorite food: pizza 
Favorite movie: Cars 2
Favorite book: Cars and Trucks and Things that Go
What do you want to do when you grow up? Go to the park :) 
Favorite snack: crackers
Favorite person: Mommy (melt my heart-sweet boy!)
Favorite car: Holly (from Cars 2)
What do you like to play? Hot wheels and bath time
What do you not like to eat? lettuce
What makes you happy? pizza :) 

Oh my sweet much you are loved. I love our days together and how much you like order and routine (so much like your mother). Here are some things that I want to remember about you right now: 
-when you wake up, you always want Ally and I sit in bed with you for a while (and Layla...if she will come)
-how you always want yellow juice and blue cereal (Trader Joe's vanilla nut granola) for breakfast 
-while I get ready and Ally naps, you watch your shows -either Cars or PBS kids or Thomas and have a banana. 
- you love to go down slides
-you still line up your cars
-how you ask what we are doing and what we are doing and ask if we are ok :)
-that you are potty trained :)
-you are still very much attached to lovey, blue and your binkie (although you know that the binkie fairy is coming soon)
-how you say that you aren't crazy, silly, funny, etc...but you will always say that you are momma's sweet true! You are SO SWEET!
-how you LOVE to go on walks and walk Layla. 
-you know all your uppercase and lowercase letters, the sounds and what letter starts with certain words (like P is for pee pee ;) ) 
-you still hate to be left and cry whenever I leave you. You end up coming with mom to Bible study and church, and I teach Sunday school every other Sunday. You do very well sitting in big church with us. :) 
-You LOVE music! You have been singing Jesus loves me and Jingle Bells all the time lately. You know almost all the songs on one of our Christmas cd's. 
-You are learning to share with Ally...although it's hard because she doesn't know how play well yet...she just likes destroying things you create ;(
-You are a very sweet big brother and Ally adores you! She follows you all day long and wants to do whatever you do. 
-You have been telling mom and dad that we are the Best in the it! 
-You ask a lot about Jesus and we have prayer time together every morning and evening. 
-You don't play with other kids a whole lot yet but you really like Jackson Lloyd, Matthew and Luke Bryan, Rylan Manning and Brooklynn Bowman. You talk about Matthew and Luke the most. :) 

Well...I can keep going, but I will save some for the journal. I love you sweet boy...Happy 3rd Birthday!