Monday, July 27, 2015

Just a little bit of life

Life is good....busy..chaotic at times...but sweet, funny, and amazing. Having 3 little ones at home is  amazing...hard at times...but I truly love it! They continually make me laugh, challenge me, amaze me and are just entertaining! One of my favorite things to do is just to sit and watch them. Ryan is totally into building legos and really building anything. He has done some pretty awesome creations. His dresser is full of his creations! Ally is becoming quite the little princess! She loves all things pink, purple, sparkly, pretty and princess! She loves to play dress up and lately has loved putting make up on. She tells me about 100 times a day that she loves me and is always giving kisses and hugs. I just love my little love bug! Samuel is growing so fast! He is ALL over the place. He loves balls and to play with Ryan. He LOVES to be outside and find sticks. :) He is such a great eater and is growing like a weed! I am so blessed to be the momma to these precious littles.
just taking some pictures of my bouncy little girl!

This was one of her favorite outfits this winter!

such a great helper

The next series of pictures are of when I gave Ally her first little hair trim! 

just love this little face!

so serious!

my little goofballs!

We went on a momma/daughter date to see was her first movie and so so fun!