Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Samuel James is 6 months!

This little guy had a big month! He is changing so quickly, it's hard to keep up! First of all he had his very first haircut! I can't believe how much hair he has, and it was getting that's why momma needed to cut it. Here are the pictures:

Ally was very concerned that it would hurt Samuel...she wanted to be there to comfort him. :)

The 'after'...such a handsome little baby! day while the big kids were sleeping, I had some one on one time with my baby. The light was hitting him well, so I busted out the camera and got some pretty pictures of my blue eyed boy.

yup...this is my favorite....he should be a baby model! :) so so so cute!!!

And then Ryan woke up so I got some cute little "brother' pictures 

Samuel LOVES Ryan...always laughing at whatever he does!

 The other first we had this month was his first experience with baby food! He got some brown rice cereal mixed with mommy's milk...he enjoyed it!

And then here are some pictures we got of him before church one day: 

I mean...really!! :)
 And now for the monthly little guy is just getting so big! Love him to pieces!

he loves to laugh!

melt my heart, sweet boy!

And then some matchy matchy brother pictures! 

Ryan truly is amazing with sweet, patient and kind...even when he gets poked by him! :)

Then...Ally woke up and joined in on the fun! 

my heart! 

Samuels 6 month stats:
weight: 19lbs 3 oz
height: 27 inches (above the 99%)
clothes: size 9 month
diapers: size 3
shoes: size 2
eating: so far you've had brown rice cereal, pears and carrots. You aren't the biggest fan.
sleeping: taking 3 naps during the day and waking up too much at night. :) Around every 2-3 hours.

So thankful for each day with this little man. He is so so so much fun with his cheerful personality and sweet kisses!