Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Samuel James is 5 months!

Well, with Disneyland, Ally being in the hospital and life with 3 kids 5 and under, I have failed to get Samuel's 4 month blog up. So sad....but...I do remember he was 16lbs 12 oz. He's 76% in weight and 99% in height. Big boy! 4 months begins the mark of my absolute favorite baby stage! I love sweet, squishy, smiley babies! And Samuel fits all of those descriptions! He is just so fun. This month he cut his first tooth...started waking 2 times a night (those darn teeth) and also got really good at rolling from back to front. He doesn't roll from front to back, but he's trying really hard to scoot around. He smiles ALL the time but is also starting to let us know when he wants to be picked up or paid attention to. He LOVES Ryan. I don't know if its his voice or just him, but Ryan can just be talking around Samuel and he lights up and laughs. Lately I have been bribing Ryan with cookies to sit and talk to Samuel while I fold laundry, cook, etc. Ryan really is such a great help. He really doesn't like it when Samuel drools or spits up, but he loves to make Samuel laugh. He still eats like a champ and goes anywhere from 2-4 hours in between feedings. This month he started to fight going to sleep on his own a little bit. But, this momma's a softy and if he wants to be held and rocked, I hold and rock him. :) He also started playing with my hair while being rocked to sleep...which is sweet but also painful when he pulls! Here's my favorite pictures from this past month: 

daddy time! 

he also found his feet this month....one of my favorites!!! 

Ally loves to help make Samuel smile! 

This month he also started wearing some 9 month clothes and I just ordered size 3 diapers! This bright eyed boy is getting too big too fast!