Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Christmas was truly a wonderful day! The magic of Christmas was felt with Ryan being so excited about everything this year. It was so fun to watch him open each gift and treasure each one...wanting to open it and play with it right away. He quickly learned how to hand out gifts and that we were supposed to watch each person open their gifts. Ryan had asked Santa for a trumpet this year. It was so fun to see him light up when he saw the trumpet. Here are the first few moments: 

The gifts :) 

Blowing in his new trumpet...please excuse my no make-up, just woken up mess ;) 


he did pretty well! :) 

And out little Ally girl enjoying her gift from Santa...she was way into the gifts fun to see :) 

another musician in the making :) 
We then read Luke 2 together and opened stockings, and gifts together as a family. Such a sweet time.

Ryan also got a drum...he is very musical, and LOVED it! 

and...a guitar! :) 

trying it out. 

future musician ;) 

Ally playing with her new gift 

Grandma and Papa Ekk got him this awesome front loader...he especially likes to scoop up his cars and flip them with the scoop ;) 

trying to get a picture of them in their Christmas pj's 

This is how Ryan hugs Ally...pushes her down...we're trying to work on that one :) 

Love my little trumpet player

and little drummer boy :) 
In the afternoon we had so much family come over. It was the first time in years that my Dad, brothers and I had been together on Christmas. We also were so happy to have my Aunt and Uncle and cousin with was perfect!

Nana giving Ally some love!

both Ryan and Ally got these awesome chairs from Nana and Pa 

Ryan formed a band with Uncle Chris and Jessica :) 

Grandpa K and Ally girl 

sweet cousin Rylan 

I wish I would've gotten more pics of all of us together...but I guess I was too busy with the food and my two kiddos. :) Overall, it was a wonderful Christmas and I was so happy to spend it with so many special people.

Christmas Eve

We had such a wonderful Christmas season this year! It was so nice to not only NOT travel up from San Diego, but to host dinners/celebrations at our house. We had Christmas Eve at our house with Heidi and Josh, Darrin and Grandma Enns. We started a tradition the year that Jason and I got engaged with doing a special dinner called roclette (I am sure I am spelling that wrong). Basically, we heat up a big marble stone and put it on the table and cook little pieces of meat at a time. We have cheese fondue (so yummy!), veggies and potatoes as well. I also make all sorts of yummy sauces to dip the meat in. This year, we had chicken, shrimp, filet, ribeye and a sirloin. I made honey-mustard, bbq, lemon garlic butter, gorgonzola butter and an aioli. It's fun because the meal takes a little longer and we get to visit more while eating. :) Here are some pictures from our evening: 

Auntie Heidi and little Mrs. Claus :) 

opening gifts...Ryan became a pro really fast :) 

Grandma holding her youngest great grand-daughter :) 

Ally got this cute tiger from her Oma

We got Josh a little Notre Dame onesie for our niece coming in May...this was their reaction :) 

proud Daddy to be :) 

Ryan got a cool puzzle set

Dinner time! 

Ryan saying; "Mommy...come EAT!" He doesn't mess around when it's dinner time. :) 

The food cooking 

putting puzzles together
And then...Ryan was so into Santa this year. It was so fun! We saw Santa in the mall and took a picture with him. He kept saying, "Santa is such a nice, big man." :) So, he was super excited to leave him some cookies that he helped make, milk and of course, carrots for the reindeer. :) He's also in his new Christmas pj's that he got to open that night. :)

He had so much fun that night, it was the first night he asked to stay up a little longer. For those who know Ryan...he likes his bed and to go to sleep. :) He stayed up until almost 9pm, and we had a wonderful time with our family. :) 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Cookies

This year has been so fun celebrating the Christmas season with Ryan. We have read countless Christmas stories, watched Christmas movies, done Christmas crafts, visited Santa, played with his Little People Nativity Set and talked about baby Jesus' birthday a lot! I love to see how he is learning and understanding and also seeing the magic of the season through him. He loves to help me do things in the kitchen, so I was looking forward to making Christmas cut-out cookies with him. was a blast! He learned quickly that we needed to roll the dough, cut them out and then bake them. He loved using the roller and then putting the sprinkles on at the end. He is at such a fun just keeps getting better and better. Here we are making our cookies: 

He had on Jason's t-shirt...he was so cute in it! 

He loved using the big roller! 

Momma helping :) 


Dad showing him how to do the sprinkles :) 

LOVING putting on the sprinkles. :)