Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ryan turns 5!!!!

Seriously, how is Ryan 5??!!! I can't believe it! Part of me is so sad that Ryan is growing up, yet part of me is so excited and proud. I honestly think he is the sweetest little guy. He is definitely becoming quite the little boy who loves legos, guns and swords, Star Wars and just to tackle and jump on everything. Lately he has been asking me all about robots and Star Wars and I just feel bad that this girly momma doesn't have a vast knowledge on the subjects. But, he is gracious and tells me it's ok and that we need to learn more. He is definitely a sponge for information these days. When we read books, after nearly every sentence, he asks some sort of question. I must hear "why mom?" a hundred times a day. It can be tiring for me, but I love how inquisitive he is. He loves to just converse with people. He is not a 'sit and play' type of kid. He does love to play outside, but he much rather just talk and ask questions all day long. Ally and him do play a ton together and I absolutely love their friendship they have. I pray that they will continue to be close as they grow up and that Samuel will be included in their little clique. Some of their favorite games are giving presents and making tents and taking all my pillows off the couch and climbing jumping on them (that's not MY favortite ;) ). I am so proud of the little man Ryan is becoming and how genuine and  caring he is. He cares about 'bad guys,' and says that we need to be nice to bad guys so that they can learn to not be bad. Also, a few weeks ago Jason took him to pick up some food and he kept saying that he was the hungriest boy in the whole world. Jason sat him down and told him that he's not and he needs to be patient because he will get food and that there are some kids who don't get food at all so we need to be thankful. Ryan thought about it for a moment and started to cry. He told Jason that we needed to help those kids and get them some food. He has a compassionate heart and I pray that God will use that to be a light for others and help others in the future. Oh, how I love this little guy. Here is his interview I did and some pics I took recently:

Ryan's yearly interview:
favorite color: yellow
favorite foods: pizza (I like that one the best!)
favorite drink: lemonade and chocolate milk and water
favorite place: Disneyland
favorite book: The Super Heroes book
favorite toy: his 'real' light saber
favorite candy: chocolate lollipops
favorite movie: Jake and the Neverland pirates and Curious George
best friends: Caleb and Phillip
favorite game: tackle
favorite sport: 49ers
He is such a good helper around the house!!! 
These next pictures I took while he was just sitting and playing his 'real' guitar. He still LOVES to play music and sing. Lately he makes up a  lot of songs. :)

sing it buddy! ;) 

Since we took Ryan to Disneyland to celebrate his birthday, we had a small family party to celebrate the special day! 

his race car cake 

loving the chips and dip...he was hungry! 

we had pizza and lemonade...his favorite! 

Papa and Samuel 

he was SO excited about the presents! 

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loved having our cousins there to celebrate!