Saturday, January 9, 2016

Shaver Lake with the Ekk's

With Grandma and Papa getting ready to leave to Portugal, they wanted some extra special time to be together as a family. We were gifted with the chance to go up to Shaver for 4 days. Grandma and Papa were also given some money to spend on food, so they had quite the time at Costco! It truly was a special time of being together as a family.
Grandma loving on Samuel.

The kids had a great time climbing up and down this big fun to be in the mountains!

Ally encouraging Ryan to get up. :)

While Samuel was sleeping and Ryan was out with the boys, we had some fun 'girl time' painting nails.

only the best grandpa's let their granddaughters paint their nails. :)

such a dirty bib.....but loving life!

that smile is the BEST!

and the best Daddy's as well!

matching cousins!

Ryan got a special Star Wars Lego set to complete with Daddy and Uncle D! It gave him a little bit of a tummy ache, but they finished it! He's such a trooper!

Ryan especially loved the campfire....and putting sticks in it! Boys will be Boys!

Nathaniel also enjoyed exploring the sticks and adventures of the mountains.

Uncle D is so loved

Mommy loves this picture for many reasons!

Ryan discovered an ax, and he also discovered that you need to be careful with the ax ;(

Once the kids were asleep, the adults enjoy a good board game.

Grandma tries really hard to stay up....but her and Layla are pooped!

The Whole Gang!


Mother's Day 2015

The best helper!

With Jason's parents still in town, it's so fun to have big celebrations for all the Holidays. We hosted a Mother's Day celebration and what fun it was to all be together! 

gotta love our 'in progress' backyard picture

and a picture of my future little mommy....she's the best helper! <3 br="">