Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adventures of baby food making

Well, now that we are settling in our new home in San Diego, I am getting into my new hobby of making baby food. :) Here are some pictures of making his first 'real' food...butternut squash.

I love butternut squash and was excited to make it for my little guy. I bought some storage trays for baby food to freeze it, and so I will have the right amount for Ryan to eat. :)

boiling the cubed squash

mashing it...using my need to by a food mill :) 

It made so much! One jar of organic food is .89 cents at the store....the squash was $2...and made about 5 times the amount that the store's jar had. 

Now...for the real test: 

What does he think? 

He isn't quite sure......

It's ok mom...not my favorite thing right now, but after a few tries....maybe it'll grow on me. 

I have to admit...I had a lot of fun making food for my precious boy. I am excited about all the yummy creations to come in the next months. Praying that I'll have a good eater. :) 


  1. Butternut and acorn squash were the favorites at my house. And, of course, avacado! I loved making my own baby food. Have fun with it :-)

  2. This is awesome! Exactly what I want to do when we have kids. Good luck!!!

  3. Awwww I love his face! Your commentary totally matches the pictures.

  4. Yay for you! And great book, too -- just the proportions are sometimes pretty huge, especially at the beginning when they only eat a few teaspoons of it! But Ryan will eventually warm up to it...Elizabeth loves squash, and will take most foods I give her now that she's nearly 8 months old. Keep up the good work mama! :)

  5. Heidi....I agree on the proportions...I have resolved to just really go by when to give what and only make like one sweet potatoe, or a handful of peas instead of what they say...its going well so far! :) Do you have the same book??

  6. Love this post Alicha! I loved making food for both my babies. :) I will give you a great tip...the first time around I boiled the butternut squash just like you did, but with Elyse I just cut it in half scooped out the seeds and put it face down on a sheet pan (with foil) and roasted it for about 40-50 minutes at about 400 degrees. It is WAY easier, and you barely have to blend it! Plus they say it keeps more nutrients in that way. So there you go, try it next time. :) Good to see that you're doing good in SD!