Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Cookies

This year has been so fun celebrating the Christmas season with Ryan. We have read countless Christmas stories, watched Christmas movies, done Christmas crafts, visited Santa, played with his Little People Nativity Set and talked about baby Jesus' birthday a lot! I love to see how he is learning and understanding and also seeing the magic of the season through him. He loves to help me do things in the kitchen, so I was looking forward to making Christmas cut-out cookies with him. was a blast! He learned quickly that we needed to roll the dough, cut them out and then bake them. He loved using the roller and then putting the sprinkles on at the end. He is at such a fun just keeps getting better and better. Here we are making our cookies: 

He had on Jason's t-shirt...he was so cute in it! 

He loved using the big roller! 

Momma helping :) 


Dad showing him how to do the sprinkles :) 

LOVING putting on the sprinkles. :) 

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