Monday, October 29, 2012

I-phone pictures

How amazing that we can take pictures any time, any where. I tend to take random pics of my kiddos, and these are some of my favorites lately. Such sweet moments. 

just playing on the floor...she smiles nearly every time I bring out my phone

momma/baby picture sent to Daddy while he was on the train to San Diego 

Ryan wanted to put all of Ally's headbands on...she was a good sport about it

We had some fun playing in the rain 

she's just so fun! 

We swing a lot during Ryan's she doesn't wake him up...not sure what we're going to do when the weather gets yucky! 

Pillow talk with my girl 
These next four are from a mommy/son date to Starbucks. It was so fun to go and have special one on one time with him and for him to have a special treat. He LOVED the cinnamon roll and gobbled it up. What a sweet time and I'm looking forward to MANY more of these dates with my little man.

He ate the whole thing! Love this stage of my sweet little boy!

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