Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fourth of July

The fourth of July included family, food, and fun for us us this year. We stayed in town, went to Grandma's house with the Bryan family, swam, bbq'd and then had a little fireworks show on the street. In a word it was: perfect. 

trying to get a picture of them in their Americana gear :) 

I had tried all day to get these two to sit together and take a picture...not an easy task when they're 1 and I put them on the counter (hoping one of them wouldn't fall or jump off) and told them to say cheese: this is what I got: 

this is my favorite "cheese" picture! :) 

They may not sit still...but they are just so stinkin cute!!! 
We swam and bbq'd. This was the only picture I took since I was wet and was making sure that Ally didn't dive into the pool. :)

Then we had some flag cake and watched a fireworks show put on by the dad's and Uncle D. :) 

getting ready :) 

And it begins...

ooohhhh ahhhh

mesmerized by the fireworks 

Both kids were a little scared with the screaming we stayed back a little bit :) 

loving the sparklers! 

tired little girl 

Happy Fourth! <3 br="">

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