Friday, February 21, 2014

Ryan is 4!!!

On February 2, our Ryan turned 4! I am super excited about this year! He is such a fun little boy and its so fun to see him grow, develop and see more of who God has created him to be. He truly is the sweetest little guy (ok...maybe I'm a little biased), but he seriously melts my heart daily. The other day he was just sitting with a book, looked up at me and said, "Mommy, I just love you so so much." I mean doesn't get much better than that. I feel so lucky to be able to be with him every day and cherish those moments. He is so good with Ally and she looks up to him so much. She was going through a stage where she threw a huge fit every time we got into the car. We then figured out that she wanted to sit in Ryan's seat. Ryan was so accommodating and makes sure that Ally picks what seat she wants so that she doesn't get sad. They also have started wrestling and love to chase each other. Ryan also loves to show Ally how to do things, and makes sure he lets me know when she doesn't do things right. ;) He is also a major rule follower! He is always asking about what good choices are and what bad choices are and what they mean. We are definitely in the major question asking mode. The other day he asked, "What makes the color blue, blue?" He also loves to talk. He asks me every day to sit down so he can tell me about something: whether it's about tractors, stairs, presents, etc. He just likes to talk (he gets that from his father ;) ). Here are some of my favorite Ryan pictures from the past few months:

Ryan LOVES our neighbors cat; Precious...she hangs out at our house more than her house...she is the sweetest thing though, and the kids love her!
Ryan wanted to be a creative Daddy made him a super cool hawk outfit! 

He has been loving putting legos together with Daddy lately! 

love this guy! 
getting Santa's plate ready...he was so excited! 

Here are some of Ryan's 'favorites' right now: 
color: yellow
food: pizza
drink: lemonade
place: Bravo Farms 
book: His Monterey Laguna Seca Race Car Book 
toy: Drums with a cymbal
activity: riding his big boy bike 
movie: Tractor movie 

He loves to go to parks and to go down the fast slides! He really wants to be big and constantly talks about how he is going to be a farmer and drive huge John Deere tractors. He is a huge momma's boy and loves to snuggle. He loves to make frosting cookies and go to the ice cream store. He is always making sure that I am taking care of Ally and helping her do things. He is very sensitive and wants to make sure that everyone is being careful and not getting hurt. :) He is my sweet little guy who makes me laugh more and more each day and who brightens my day with his smile. I couldn't be more thankful for him and who God is creating him to be. Happy Birthday sweet Ryan!

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