Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Ally girl: 2 and a half years old!!!

Our sweet little Ally girl is 2 and half! And she is FULL of personality! I have been truly amazed at how fast this girl is growing...I can't handle it! Partly, she is just big for her age (99% in height), but there are times when I stop and look at her and see a little girl, not just my baby or even toddler. I never thought about how much I would enjoy having a little girl, but I LOVE having a little girl. For one....she loves Cinderella (which was my favorite when I was little), but she also loves babies, playing with her dolls, dressing up, doing her nails and wearing pretty bows. I always said I wouldn't push the 'gender-type' stuff on my kids, but it's pretty amazing how they just get interested in certain things. Ally melts my heart when she is playing with her babies and rocks them, kisses them and gives them their bottle. It makes me excited for her when she has a real baby brother to help care for. She is very affectionate and loves to give hugs and kisses and melts us when when she says, "wuv you too!" This girl is extremely independent and would always rather try something herself first rather than get help...we like to call it 'leadership skills.' She is really good at playing by herself and reading books, but also loves to chase her brother around the house and play tent or hide and seek. She also LOVES puzzles and is really good at them. I've been pretty impressed with how much she can do on her own. I'm a proud mama! She truly lights up our life and I am so thankful that God have us her. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past few months: 

at her brothers' soccer game
just after getting her nails painted

helping Dad with the guitar

LOVES to have me take her picture and then look at it

Ryan and Ally having a tea party with some water and chocolate chip cookies

just some cute bath pictures

this is Ally's 'cheese' face
loving running in the cold water!

this girl LOVES chips...just like her momma!

cutie little girl!

I love doing her hair!

cuddly girl!
she loves to explore on her own...she was running up and down the stairs at a boat museum in Portugal

just love this picture

family picture

she loves wearing pretty dresses and pretty bows!
Here are some stats on our little Ally girl right now:
clothes: 3t
shoes: size 9
*still in diapers, but is slowly potty training (if mommy wasn't pregnant and more motivated, she would probably be progressing more)
*wakes around 6 or 6:30, loves orange juice with eggs and blueberries for breakfast.
*still LOVES to watch Curious George and a new favorite is Super Why, especially if there's a princess in it.
*can sing all the Frozen songs
*puts herself to sleep for her nap
*her favorite movie is Cinderella and really wants to watch Beauty and the Beast, but mommy is too afraid it will scare her, so we're waiting on that one.
*loves pears, plums, cheese, mac and cheese, carrots, smoothies, wheat thins and triscuits.
*loves to play at the park
*will find every puddle she can and jump in it as well as find any mud that there is.
*still eats dirt (mommy doesn't freak out about it anymore though)
*will cuddle with mommy in bed for a while in the morning
*loves to sleep in the car
*loves her kitty cats, babies, princesses and blankets
*loves to paint and color and can spell her name
*says, "up, up" when she wants to be held and "help me this" when she needs help
*talks more and more like a little girl everyday
*says "ah me" when referring to herself
*loves to sing Jesus loves me, ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Frozen songs
*loves to read books! Her favorites are Berenstein Bears, Richard Scary books, Little people books and of course; anything with princesses.
*still has kidney reflux, but is weaning off of the antibiotics once she's potty trained.
*is super flexible and always up for a party!

What a blessing our little Ally is and I am so looking forward to her becoming a big sister in the next few weeks! We love you, Ally girl!

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