Saturday, January 9, 2016

Shaver Lake with the Ekk's

With Grandma and Papa getting ready to leave to Portugal, they wanted some extra special time to be together as a family. We were gifted with the chance to go up to Shaver for 4 days. Grandma and Papa were also given some money to spend on food, so they had quite the time at Costco! It truly was a special time of being together as a family.
Grandma loving on Samuel.

The kids had a great time climbing up and down this big fun to be in the mountains!

Ally encouraging Ryan to get up. :)

While Samuel was sleeping and Ryan was out with the boys, we had some fun 'girl time' painting nails.

only the best grandpa's let their granddaughters paint their nails. :)

such a dirty bib.....but loving life!

that smile is the BEST!

and the best Daddy's as well!

matching cousins!

Ryan got a special Star Wars Lego set to complete with Daddy and Uncle D! It gave him a little bit of a tummy ache, but they finished it! He's such a trooper!

Ryan especially loved the campfire....and putting sticks in it! Boys will be Boys!

Nathaniel also enjoyed exploring the sticks and adventures of the mountains.

Uncle D is so loved

Mommy loves this picture for many reasons!

Ryan discovered an ax, and he also discovered that you need to be careful with the ax ;(

Once the kids were asleep, the adults enjoy a good board game.

Grandma tries really hard to stay up....but her and Layla are pooped!

The Whole Gang!


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