Saturday, April 23, 2016

Beach weekend!

We LOVE our weekend at the beach with the Ekk siblings! It's definitely one of the high points of our summer. The kids' joy on the beach is truly the best part. Ryan LOVES to run in the water and waves...Ally enjoys the water and also playing in the sand and having a picnic on the beach. Samuel was the perfect baby and enjoyed a nice nap with the waves crashing in the background. It was such a treat to enjoy both family and God's beautiful ocean for a few days.
setting up the beds!

loving life!

napped for over an hour!

now for some sand castle making!

Ally put bird feathers on all the towers! She's a great decorator! ;)

once he woke up, he was loving sitting with me while we watched the action!

Dad and Uncle D helped make an awesome castle complete with a moat!

wasn't too sure about the sand...but loving this string!

touching the water for the first time

that smile!!!!

back at the beach house enjoying legos while the other two nap!

out for some ice cream

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