Friday, January 8, 2010

Pregnancy Dreams

So, it is crazy how vivid dreams are during pregnancy. The past couple of weeks I have had really bad dreams about our sweet little dog Layla either running away, getting smashed (I know...awful), or just lost. They are so disturbing that I have to find her in the middle of the night and just hold her to calm myself down.

Well, last night was my first dream about labor. It was so crazy, that I just need to share. First of all, the timing was the present, so I was 34 weeks. My water broke, and I freaked out because we didn't have our hospital bag packed and none of the baby's clothes had been washed (things I have been thinking about because I am planning on doing all those next week). Then when we got to the hospital, it was a big warehouse where there weren't any private rooms. They were also overcrowded because of some sort of catastrophe that hit Fresno. So, the only place that they could put me was in this room where there were desks and a teacher was teaching some class on medicine. Also, to the side of me was The Well's youth group meeting place (all one big room). I kept thinking how I didn't want all these people see me give birth, but the doctor told me I didn't have a choice. I kept watching the students from the youth group dance and sing, and it was so embarrassing! I woke up before the baby actually came, and glad about that. I'm sure that this is just the start of crazy labor dreams.

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