Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Fun Day

So, as a teacher, I always looked forward to the last hour of school on Fridays, when the kids would be able to go outside, play and eat snacks from the snack bar. For the past few weeks I have been thinking of how much I want to get outside and at least just take a walk on friday mornings, because I rarely have anything planned. But, the A-type personality that I have always finds 'things' that need to be done, and I don't get out. Well, I am saying that starting today...friday mornings for now will be fun fridays. Even if there are things that 'should be done,' they will wait. Life is to precious to be worried about my to-do list all the time (even though that is very hard for me to do). This will be something that me and my boy do just to have fun, and enjoy the world and life that God has given to us. So, today we did just that. :) My original plan was to go to Woodward park, but things got changed, and that is ok...things may not always go according to plan, but I know that I need to make the most out of what happens. So, this is how our morning went:
I had my new favorite breakfast dish: granola, berries, plain greek yogurt and agave syrup for sweetner :) Yummy! Ryan enjoyed watching mommy eat her nutritious and delicious breakfast.

Like I said, we originally were going to go to Woodward, but Jason called and he needed me to come to the DMV and sign some paperwork for the car. At first, I was super bummed, but then I was determined to still accomplish my goal, even if it meant changing plans a little bit. Sooo...I treated myself to a delicious Starbucks (decaf caramel macchiato), and went over to my Aunt's neighborhood since it was super close, and I would have a place to nurse Ryan after our walk. Also, I have walked this neighborhood many times with my Aunt, and thought it would be fun to remember those good times. 

It was an incredibly beautiful day, and my little guy was sleeping, it was so nice to just walk and enjoy God's beautiful creation and the life happening around us. 
It was a great time of exercise, thought and enjoying the weather. Towards the end of the walk, Ryan woke up, and was able to enjoy the sunshine. 
And then we went over to my Aunt and Uncle's house and Ryan was able to hang out with his Pa for a bit. :) 

So, that was our Friday Fun morning. I will try to blog about our adventures of seeking to live and love the life that we have been blessed with and praising God while doing it. As a busy wife and mom, life will just continue to get busier, but it is my hope and goal to take advantage of each day and to remember to treasure the precious moments we have with those we love. 'Each day is a gift, that is why it is called the present'-Anonymous


  1. love fun fridays! when i used to teach, my kids would earn minutes all week towards a fun friday. we would do special games, cook in the classroom, do things outside, art...whatever...i remember those special times with them...good for you for going with the flow! i might need some lessons. ;)

  2. this is so great! and the cool of this is worship. you're being who you're supposed to be, and you're enjoying life while doing that. well done :)

    ps, the picture of Ryan when he woke up is ADORABLE.