Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top ten reasons why I love being a mom!

So, I have been a mom for only 3 months, but I am addicted!! There is nothing like it. There are soo many reasons why I love being a mom, here are just a few :

1. The peace that all is well when he is asleep in my arms
2. The sweet smiles I get from him numerous times a day.
3. The story time we have as a family.
4. How funny it is that I can look at him all day and not get bored.
5. Thinking of how God had created Ryan wonderfully and perfectly.
6. The smiles I get from complete strangers
7. Family and friends oohing and ahing over him.
8. I don't ever have to give Ryan to someone else, he is our baby :)
9. Watching him grow and develop.
10. Because I feel like God has created me to be a mom.

It's such a blessing!

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