Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun in SD!

Ok, so even though I miss my friends and family and ministries up in Fresno, San Diego really isn't a bad place to live. We have had fun exploring this week.
So far we went on a picnic dinner at a Lake called Murray Lake in La Mesa. It was pretty fun...a beautiful evening, but there was a Jewish celebration going on at the 'picnic' place, so we just sat down at a spot overlooking the lake. It wasn't grassy, but it was still nice.

And...we had fun eating out in the sunshine!

Layla enjoyed being out as well! She stayed close to Ryan...such a protector! 

On Friday night, we tried our first 'family night' by going to Pacific Beach and getting some frozen yogurt. The frozen yogurt was delicious, but it got to be a little late for our little guy. He wasn't too happy, and it was a bit chilly. But he at least looked good in his beanie! 

Then, this past Sunday we went to Balboa Park after a great church service at Journey. It was an absolutely beautiful day. We were able to walk around....go into a free art exhibit, and also walk through some international houses and try their tasty treats. We are excited to be so close to such a fun place. 

Well, its a start to learning how to live life in a new city. Until next time! :) 

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