Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This week I have off....one of the perks of teaching online. We have to meet 4 times a year on Saturdays to have testing, and because of that, the school combines the president day holidays and furlough days to give us 10 days off in a row....loving it! So, my original plan for this week was to be adventurous and go and do the fun things around San Diego that we usually can't find the time for. So, on Saturday, Jason had to work, so Ryan and I went park hunting. I used my GPS and checked out some of the parks by my house...we finally found one that seemed 'baby' friendly. Ryan was able to swing a little bit, which he loved, and then explored the grass. It was a sweet time of just enjoying the sunshine together.

Then on Sunday, Ryan only took a short nap in the afternoon, and since Jason was home and we had just gotten our San Diego Zoo passes, we went!! I am so excited about being able to go to such a cool place whenever we want. Ryan loved it! He loved looking at all the plants and was all squeals when he was watching the monkeys. It was a great day for us to be out as a family. My camera died after the first few pictures, but I did get a few good ones. 

Now, my poor little guy has some sort of cold thing. Not sure what it is, but now we are home, waiting to go to the dr...just playing, reading books and trying to get him well. We were going to go to Balboa Park today because they have free museums on Tuesdays, but oh well....this is the adventure of mommyhood! :) 

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