Monday, July 11, 2011

Love Mondays!!

Enjoying my day with my sweet little man! 

I love Mondays! I love them because I am creature of habit, and I do the same thing every Monday. I get laundry done, menu plan, and do the grocery shopping. I also love Monday's because they are a bit of a slower day, as we are re-grouping from the weekend. And, Jason is home Monday's just a good day.

Today Ryan and I just played in the backyard for a while. It was great. I tend to be a bit of a Martha (busy, worrying about my to-do list), but today I tried more to be like Mary (sitting and enjoying the life that God has given me, and just being....being with Jesus and just being with my son). Ryan loves to play outside, but I am not always just sitting with him...I may be making a meal, cleaning, etc. He especially loves it when we play with him (of course). So, it was great to just watch him play, play in the dirt with him, and go down our slides in the backyard that I got from a yardsale -score! I also just sat for a while with my camera, and catch him in his everydayness. Here are my fav's:

I give him pine needles....he takes them and puts them in his dump truck. Our backyard doesn't have grass...perfect for little boys! 

He claps every time he puts the needles in the truck. 

Now it's time to play with the bucket, Mom! :) 

my 'artsy' shot :) 

All a boy needs is dirt! :) 

want to remember this stage forever! He's so sweet! 

This is a picture I get a lot...he loves it when I rake for him with this little yellow rake. 

He doesn't like to ride his little bike, but he loves to push it.

He cracked up every time he crashed...such a boy! :) 

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