Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

I was ridiculously excited for the pumpkin patch this year. I'm not sure why, but I thought that Ryan was going to love it. He has been excited about all the pumpkins he has been seeing, and so I thought that he was going to have a great time. Well, he had fun for probably about 10 minutes, but then something scared him in the petting zoo part, and he just wanted to be held. No problem, but I really wanted to ride the little train ride with him, and we had a free ticket, so being the good, gentle mom that I am, I forced him on the ride. :) He wanted to sit on my lap and they wouldn't let him, and he started to cry, but as soon as the train started going, he stopped and seem to enjoy the ride. *success* He even clapped afterwards. :) So, here's to our pumpkin patch experience today...yay for Fall!

he picked out the perfect Ryan sized pumpkin! 

this was his favorite 

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nice goat! 

He loved the chickens, aka "boc-boc's"

trying to get him off my lap :/

oh, the tears :(

and then we were ok! :) 

he held on, but liked it. :) 


family picture :) (not the best picture, but oh well)

I think in Ryan's world, spinning the wheels of the wheelbarrow was the highlight of the day! :) 

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