Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ally: 1 month

So, this is almost a week late...but my little Ally turned one month on April 6th! I would've written a blog sooner, but my little girl loves to be held and I love to hold her, so most of my time is spent doing just that and taking care of my busy 2 year old...and I haven't perfected the art of typing with one hand. We have also had our family staying with us and traveled up to Fresno for things have been busy. :) Overall,  this month has been a crazy kind of wonderful! The transition from 1 to 2 kids has been easier than I expected and harder than I expected all at the same time. The easy part is knowing what to expect and being confident in myself, and also knowing how to care for a newborn. The hard part has been figuring out a new baby, and also dividing my time between her and Ryan. We have had some wonderful help from my amazing in laws, and my wonderful Aunt and Uncle, which has been such a blessing. And every day is different. It's going to take a little while for me to feel comfortable going out on my own with two...but right now with my little girl eating every 2-3 hours, we have been enjoying our days at home for the most part, unless someone is available to come out with me. We have made a few successful trips to Trader Joe's and Target, and that's good enough for me right now. I am reminded every day of how quick this stage goes by and I am doing my best to just enjoy it and relish in the precious time we have as a family.

Many people are asking how Ryan is doing. He is doing great! So much better than I had expected. He definitely has his moments of a little melt down when I am not available at that particular moment, but he is learning as well as I how to fit Ally into our lives. I am amazed at how quickly he is changing and have been a bit emotional about the fact that he is no longer a baby, but very much becoming a little boy. He is so sweet, cuddly, and fun to be around.

Well, here are a few pictures of Ally and Ryan on Ally's one month birthday.

Ryan really liked her sticker :) 

having a conversation :) 

Some 1 month stats: 
weight: 9 lbs 10 oz (gained over 2 lobs in one month-whew!) 
height: 21 inches (grew over 1 inch too!)
-she loves to be held! If I could hold her all day, she would just sleep. :) When she is put down, she takes little cat naps. 
-she is a very good baby...hardly ever cries. 
-her awake time is from 9pm to 11pm (Dad takes over at this time...I'm pooped by that time) 
-she smiles a lot! (I love that)
-doesn't really like the pacifier, but we have been able to get her to take it when mom can't nurse every hour. :) 
-she is so fun! We love our little girl! 
-we are still so surprised by her hair...but have been noticing that it has been thinning on the who knows, maybe it will fall out? To be continued.....

Well, that's all for now...we'll see if I can get the 2 month post on time...but I'm not counting on it. :) 

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