Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Portugal....session 2 :)

Well, I have meaning to get an update up for a few days, and I was very ready last night when Ryan went down for bed at 9, thinking I would not be interrupted. Well...5 minutes after he woke up, wide awake, happy and just not sleepy....that's been one thing...Ryan's schedule has been totally flipped upside down and tossed to the way side. He is changing sooo much, its incredible. A few new things for him are that he is really grabbing onto things and especially putting them in his mouth. The dr says he isn't teething, but he has been drooling and wanting to bite on everything, its been so funny to watch him. He has also really found his voice and has been squeaking and squacking all over the place. He has also been laughing a lot more, which is fun for his Grandma and Grandpa. Well, here is a little update on what we have been up to. :)

On Saturday we went to a baptism/picnic for the church's that Jason's parents pastor. There were about 6 baptisms, and it was so awesome to witness the Portuguese people giving their testimonies. One that sticks out to me was of a teenage boy and it was his father who had said that they had prayed for so long for their son and how overjoyed they were that he was getting baptized, and his dad actually helped baptize him. It was very sweet sight to see. I lost the pics from that day :(, so not pictures for that right now.

On Sunday was church day. We first went to Massama, the newer church that had about 20 people there. The little girls all fell in love were Ryan and kept coming up to me and saying, "I talk English," laughing, and then running away. There were so cute, it was fun to see how God is growing that church.

We also went to the Loures church, where Jason grew up and it was fun to see all the people who knew Jason when he was growing up and introduce them to Ryan. 

Then on Monday, we went to Ikea, which was super fun and also in the Loures mall. We had a little more of a relaxing day since Sunday was pretty busy with the two church services. 

On Tuesday we went out sightseeing a bit. We started out the day going to Sintra, the little village where Jason and I were engaged over three years ago. Here is a picture from that day. 

And now here is picture of our family in a coffee shop in Sintra...

Ryan did great walking the streets of Sintra while we did some looking around. He was in the moby wrap and enjoyed just 'hanging out.' 

And here are some sights from this beautiful town that was built around the 9th cool! 

This was our castle that we got engaged in..we decided not to make the trek up it this time since it was getting to be Ryan's nap time :)

So....we had a yummy picnic

And then we went to a place called Capuchos, it is an old monastery where only 13 monks lived at a time. Everything was super tiny so that they monks would never be comfortable. The whole place was made out of granite and cork. I haven't seen anything like it before. The whole place was very interesting. 

This was the table that the monks had...just a piece of rock...Jason was pretending to eat :)

So, this is just a little snidbit of what we're up to here in Portugal. We had a great lunch today with an australian couple who works here and has 3 little ones and also another californian couple with 2 little ones. Both couples are missionaries here in Portugal, and it was fun to get to know them and talk about our babies :) is a cute picture of Ryan. There will hopefully be one more post before we come home one week from today. :) 


  1. this is so cool! love the mini history lesson...and the pictures! keep having a blessed time...

  2. Looks like you are having an amazing time! The kiddos are so adorable! Miss you guys!