Friday, June 4, 2010

Portugal...Session Numero Um (Number One)

Well, we are having a fantastic time so far in Portugal. We have taken it pretty easy these first few days while making sure Ryan is adjusted to the time change and change of thing I have realized...babies are super adaptable!! Ryan has done fantastic...sleeping around 10-12 hours through the night, and still 3.5 naps a day, and eating well too! We are praising Jesus and enjoying the time that we have and Ryan has to spend with his grandparents. Here are some pics to show our first few days

Here is the spot where Ryan rolled over from tummy to back for the first time: during our layover at LAX

Then we had a good time hanging out in London. We were lucky to get the bassinet for the plane from LA to London, so Ryan slept just like he would've slept at home. Mom and Dad were a little tired, but it was nice to hang out in London for a little bit, where everyone called us 'mate'

And are some pics of one of the main reasons why we came: for Ryan to hang out with his grandparents. :) 

Grandma Ekk got Ryan some super fun toys, and he is enjoying playing with them, and here is a picture of the beautiful view from their apartment on the 6th story.

And then...the tourist'y' stuff....the first place we went was Belem...where we had amazing pastries and coffee...the pastry place was built in the 1830's..and is still up and running. A beautiful place. 

There was a tour group from France, and I think everyone had to stop and say hello to Ryan.. :) 

And then today we went to Ericeira (a little village by the ocean) where we walked around on cobblestone streets, admired the architecture and went to a yummy restaurant where Jason ate fish with the fins and eyes right there (he didn't eat those parts though)

And then we went to have coffee with Jason's parent's fellow missionaries. This coffee group meets every week and we always enjoy when we can catch up with them, and enjoy some yummy Portugal coffee ( I am still having decaf, but it is still delicious!) And Ryan enjoyed being out and about with us as well

So far...that's about it. Tomorrow we will be going to a church picnic with baptisms from the churches that Jason's parent's pastor. It should be fun, and there are many people who are ready to meet Ryan and catch up with Jason. 

As I am writing this it is 11 at night, and this is the first night Ryan isn't in bed by we will see what this little guys' deal is. :) More to come in the next few days! :) 

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  1. I loved reading this! Your family is adorable. Keep the updates coming.