Friday, June 25, 2010

Almost 5 months of being Ryan's mommy :)

I really cannot believe that my little man is almost 5 is goes by WAY too fast!! This week I have been feeling a little nostalgic as I see him just getting bigger and more active every day. I am really loving watching him develop, hearing his precious giggles and am amazed at how he is constantly changing. I feel like every other day he is doing something new. I do miss the newborn stage, especially now that he doesn't want to cuddle quite as much as he used to....he is so interested in all the sounds and sights that are going on around him. He also wants to stand on his feet and sit up and play with his toys....or just mostly put them in his mouth :). It's so crazy how fast time is going by! This past week has probably been one of the harder weeks with little guy...he's been such an easy, good baby, so I don't really have a reason to complain, but when you take a 4.5 month old across the world...he's bound to be a little cranky about it. :) He is finally getting back to a more normal schedule...not falling asleep at 6 and waking up at 4 :) He is now asleep between 8 and 9, and waking up at 7...he is really a good sleeper. He still wakes up to feed, but never stays up at night, we are so thankful for that!

I am still learning how to do life now with my little man. I like to get errands done in the morning, and be home in the afternoon so he can have a good nap. Life does change when you have a baby. There are so many blessings, but I have found that there are challenges having to leave a party because the baby's cranky or trying to figure out the next time Jason and I will be able to go out together....but its part of the life that God has given us, and I hope to cherish theses moments I have. We're learning, and I don't think it will stop. :) Well...time to go...I am trying to look for a place for us to live when we move...praying God provides a place soon!!

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