Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Family Pics

We had the privilege of taking family pictures a few weeks ago. There is a guy at our church who is an aspiring photographer, and we got a great deal from him. Many of you have seen these on facebook, but my blog is our family scrapbook, as I print it out once a year. :) It was so fun taking them. I wasn't sure how they would turn out since Ryan was more interested in finding the coolest stick and running away from the photographer, but I think he really captured our lives right now. Ryan LOVES being outside. He is constantly waving 'bye-bye,' which is asking to go bye bye, and sometimes our back yard soothes his cravings for the outdoors, thankfully. I love that he loves to explore and be outdoors, it has allowed us to get outdoors more and find fun places for us to be as a family. These pictures were taken at Sea Port Village, one of our favorite places here in San Diego. We usually go there on Friday afternoons and walk around, get a coffee and let Ryan run around and chase the birds and dogs that are there. It really is a great place. I love these pictures and they will live to remind me of this sweet time of life that we have right now.

Embracing the world...haha

This teddy was Jason's when he was it's Ryan's sweet! :) 

this is what most of the photo shoot consisted of :) 

oops... :) 

his favorite 'trick' ;) 

love the joy on his face! 

Seriously....I have the best looking guys in my family....I love this picture! 

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