Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ryan's BIG boy bed

I have been dragging my feet for a long time when it came to changing Ryan's crib to a big bed. He LOVED his crib...he LOVED to sleep in his crib, he has not once tried to climb in or out, so I thought...why?? Why mess with a good thing?? I loved that he slept so well in his crib. But...he is getting so big, and when I would go in and check on him at night, he would be in the weirdest positions and most nights his feet were sticking out of his crib slats. ;) And then there was a huge fundraiser sale at the local high school for mattresses. So, we found a great deal on a full size box spring and mattress. So...he has now transitioned to a BIG boy bed. His crib converted to a full size's awesome...he now has the bed that he will probably have until he moves out (can't even think about that). And...he LOVES his new BIG bed. We found the cutest tractor bedding, and he thought it is the coolest thing. The best part...he now LOVES to sleep in his BIG bed, and has actually been napping better in it. He just looks so little in the huge bed. Here are pics of my sweet boy in his new BIG boy bed. :)

helping Dad put together his new bed :) 

I love his face here! I just told him to not jump on the bed :) 

can't beat this smile

Love my growing boy!

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