Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mom and Dad turn 60!

Jason's parents both turned 60 this year and also celebrated 25 years of ministry in Portugal. Since they were here for the birth of baby Nathaniel, we decided to put together a surprise party! We invited over 100 guests and had a potluck style lunch at Dinuba MB. They were definitely surprised and it was great to be able to celebrate them in person this time! Here are some pictures from our day: 

the kids helped me and Tracy set up! :) 

Coming in...they were definitely surprised! 

Ryan and Ally were very excited about their party! 

Ally ran straight to Papa! 

looking around the room

Jason gave a little speech :)

Dad was taking advantage of a captive audience 

Pastor HH gave a little tribute and prayer as well

60 looks good on them! 

sisterly love! 

my sweetie so so so tired! 

all the grandkids 

Happy 60th to Mom and Dad! 

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  1. That is so great. I didn't realize that you threw a party for them - they didn't mention it post California trip. They are some sweet people and definitely worth the celebration!