Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This little boy

This little boy:

If I could freeze time, I would. If I could bottle up my little 2.5 year old and keep him like this forever, I would. He is so untainted by the world. He loves so deeply (especially his momma). He wants me to lay with him and scratch his back. He wants to sit in my lap and read books. He loves to just be with me. He wants momma to get his snacks. He wants mommy to play base ball. I won't lie: it makes me feel like a super hero. I love how much he loves; how he gives hugs to complete strangers, how he believes that people are good, and that he wants people to be happy. He went around for a few weeks just saying, "momma happy, dadda happy, Ry Ry happy, Ale-ya happy."

I don't want him to get older. I don't want him to realize that the world can be bad. I don't want him to get hurt. I don't want him to be let down. I don't want others to tell him bad things. But I know that I can't shelter him forever. All I can do is pray. I pray that He would know Christ. I pray that he would know that he was made PERFECT and that he was made for a purpose. I pray that he would continue to LOVE deeply...despite let downs. I pray that he would know the perfect love of Christ and that humans are not perfect. I pray that he would know that we will love him no matter what and that our love is forever and unchanging.

So...I know that this sweet, innocent little boy cannot stay 2 and a half forever. So, for now, I treasure him. I treasure his wondering eyes, his big heart, his compassionate spirit, his BIG hugs and sweet kisses. I treasure playing trains and tractors and base ball. I love watching him put together puzzles and pretending to make me pizza. I treasure him wanting to play with Ally and roll balls to her.

Oh, how I love this boy. Thank you Jesus for loaning him to me for a while. I pray that I can be the mom that He needs me to be. Thank you creating him perfect. Thank you for being good. And thank you for allowing me to be his mommy.

My sweet boy:

It doesn't get much better than this smile!

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